See How BMW Leads the Way in High-Tech Automotive Manufacturing

Many people know that BMW makes some of the finest automobiles in the world, using generations of knowledge that has made German engineering and craftsmanship a high standard for the rest of the industry. However, many people may not be aware of the cutting-edge innovations currently in use in the brand’s manufacturing network, and even more surprising, that many of those innovations have been introduced right here in the United States at the state-of-the-art…

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Bold and Innovative – The 2018 BMW X2

Introducing Your New Favorite Crossover SUV

An all-new model, the BMW X2 manages to combine the classic aspects we love about the Ultimate Driving Machine (even sneaking in an homage to the CS coupes of the 60s and 70s with the BMW roundel on its C-pillar) with new design notes and touches we're sure will please even the most diehard BMW fans. Add in exciting tech features, eye-catching design, and a road feel that's second to…

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BMW X6 vs Audi Q8: Who Will Win?

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New is always fun.

And while the 2019 BMW X6 isn't exactly new in the grand scheme of BMW evolutions (it's kept largely the same look since it debuted, with minor updates, changes, and refreshes to keep it modern and cutting-edge) it's still one of the most standout vehicle styles on the market.

But it's not alone in the niche four-door crossover coupe market. Audi's all-new 2019 Q8 is stepping up to the plate and looking for an easy win. The 2019 BMW X6, though, isn't going to give up its crown that easily…

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The Luxury Package Looks Good on the 2019 BMW 4 Series

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The 2019 BMW 4 Series is arguably one of the most beautiful compact sports cars in the greater lineup, so it doesn't need much to stand out and shine in the Durham and Raleigh areas.

But, having natural beauty doesn't mean you can't accessorize a little.

BMW's collection of tiers and packages give you options for exterior and interior customization. One of the most popular choices for the BMW 4 Series is the Luxury Package.

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Must-Have Interior Features in the All-New BMW X5


The new BMW X5 is more than just a stunning new addition to the high-performance BMW Sports Activity Vehicle lineup--its interior is one of the most advanced environments for driver comfort in the luxury market.

You'll find many of the state-of-the-art comfort features that you'd expect in the 7 Series or the new 8 Series, but in the cabin of a sleek and powerful crossover.

Watch the video above to see just a few of the incredible new must-have interior features that the 2019 BMW X5 offers, or visit BMW of Southpoint to see it for yourself.


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BMW Launches 93 Days of Summer: #BMWSummerOn

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BMW has launched 93 Days of Summer and we are so excited to participate and have our BMW clients get involved too. 93 Days of Summer also known as 
#SummerOn is an opportunity to capture adventures you can have in a BMW. Our mission is to take lots of adventures to highlight and spotlight all the fun things you can see locally in the Triangle area and partner with local businesses to give away really great prizes to you each week.

The next time you are out in your BMW, snap a photo and tag us on Instagram and Facebook…

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The New BMW X3 sDrive30i is Affordable and Efficient


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BMW knows what the people want--so when they were crafting the second model-year of the BMW X3's new generation, the engineers knew that performance drivers down in the South wanted the sporty, refined experience of RWD in their next compact luxury crossover.

Enter the 2019 BMW X3 sDrive30i: the new generation's rear-wheel-drive variant that caters to the Durham and Raleigh driver who wants to optimize for efficiency, and wants to get the absolute most for their money.

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Durham Has a New Boss: Meet the All-New 2019 BMW X5



BMW's iconic X5 midsize luxury Sports Activity Vehicle is now in its fourth generation; after debuting way back in 1999, it's ascended into a new level of capability, premium comfort, and excellence in versatility.

It's hard not to be excited about the all-new 2019 model, but we do have a few more months to go before we officially see it in the…

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Get to Know Client Care Sales Representative Camille Carr

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When you first see Camille Carr you are greeted with a big warm smile, and it just makes you want to talk to her.  Camille is the newest addition to our Client Care Sales Department.

She is so happy to be in the Triangle area and when she isn’t at the dealership, she is hanging with her energetic puppy, cooking, reading books and watching Bob’s Burgers, her favorite cartoon. Her favorite quote is quite clever, “You’re only king until the queen arrives, and I’m here.”  --Unknown

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