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Curtis Aldershof
General Manager
(833) 231-6577

Curtis Aldershof, General Manager, is originally from Midland Park, NJ and moved to the Triangle area in 2016. When Curtis isn't working, he enjoys hunting and fishing. Some goals Curtis hopes to achieve in the future are to win Hendrick Champions and grow BMW of Southpoint to #1 in its market with happy team members and clients. Curtis wants all of his clients to know that he has over 33 years in the automotive industry and knows how to fit your needs and desires when it comes to your dream vehicle.

Gerald Ramoin
Market Area Vice President
(833) 856-5687

Gerald Ramoin, Market Area Vice President, is originally from Sulphur, Louisiana and moved to the Triangle area in 1993. Some of Gerald's favorite pastimes are spending time at his lake house, golfing, cycling, watching sports, and doing things outdoors with his four children. In the future, Gerald hopes to see all of his children graduate from college and continue to help them set goals for their futures and careers. Gerald wants all Hendrick Southpoint customers to know that we treat our clients like family and that doesn't change after you buy a car. We are here to make sure you are ALWAYS driving your dream, Hendrick, vehicle.

"Don't Settle." -Unknown

Eddie Mayorga
General Sales Manager
(833) 231-6578

Eddie Mayorga, General Sales Manager, is originally from the Bronx, NY and moved to Cary, NC in 2017. He has been part of the Hendrick team since he moved here, and has been in the car business for 10 years. His short term goals here at BMW of Southpoint are to help grow our amazing team to have the highest dealership loyalty percentage in the Southern Region, as well as to help the store achieve the prestigious Center of Excellence title. Eddie's long term goals within the Hendrick organization are to become a General Manager in the near future with an end goal of becoming a Market Area Vice President over time. In his free time, Eddie enjoys watching and playing various sports. If you want to talk sports, he is your guy!

Shawn Choudhry
Sales Manager
(833) 231-6579

Shayan Sheibani
Sales Manager
(833) 410-9602

Poonam Nandani
Marketing & Communications Director
(855) 596-8278

Patricia Fradenburg
Service Manager
(833) 464-0039

If there is one thing you should know about Patricia Fradenburg, it is that her customers LOVE her! Patricia takes customer service to an entirely different level by inviting every customer to become part of the BMW of Southpoint family. Patricia's customer service credo is "premium service, all the time without fail."  Prior to joining the Hendrick family, she and her husband operated a private vehicle repair shop. Now after ten years on the Hendrick team, her positive attitude and commitment to excellence have become part of the fabric of how business is done here.

Todd Vickers
Parts Director
(833) 271-7342

Todd Vickers, Parts Director, has been an employee of Hendrick Automotive Group for 25 years and feels blessed to work with some of the best people in the industry. Todd is grateful for every opportunity Hendrick Automotive Group has given him and he looks forward to another 10 years. He also wants his clients to know that he is a car enthusiast and is passionate about the Hendrick brand and everything that BMW of Southpoint has to offer.

Jon Hilliard
Senior Business Manager
(833) 886-3895

Curtis Griffie
Business Manager
(833) 280-6232

Curtis Griffie, Business Manager, was born and raised in North Carolina. He attended both North Carolina State University and Villanova University. When Curtis isn't working, he enjoys wreck diving (he is certified up to 150 feet), spending time with his family and their dog (Gracie Mae), playing sports, and dancing. Curtis dances like no one is watching, even though it's obvious that they are because he believes his dance skills are extremely strong. Curtis is different from his co-workers because he can easily reach things in places where they must use a ladder. Also, as you can see, Curtis has a great sense of humor that both co-workers and clients enjoy.  

Shawn Monaghan
Business Manager
(833) 886-3896

Shawn Monaghan, Business Manager, is originally from Coral Springs, FL and enjoys spending his free time with his two children. He got his start in the automobile industry 19 years ago and has 18 years of management experience. What Shawn likes about BMW of Southpoint is the dealerships' commitment to exceptional customer service. A good day's work for him is knowing that every customer had a great experience.   



John Akhile
Client Advisor
(833) 231-6580

John Akhile, Client Advisor, is Nigerian by birth, US citizen by choice. In his spare time, he is an avid reader and blogger on international topics. He as visited several European and African countries and hopes to visit Asia in the future. He has been with BMW of Southpoint for 3 years and is very passionate about serving his clients: "I believe that service in any business is about commitment to people. If you enjoy people, then serving is easy. Service comes easy to me because I enjoy the people with whom I interact. Most important is that I enjoy delivering exceptional service that resonates."

Ali Bamberger
Client Advisor
(833) 426-1139

Ali Bamberger, Client Advisor, is originally from Houston, Texas but has been living in Durham for twelve years and loves the Bull City. She attended North Carolina Central University where she graduated from the Hospitality and Tourism Administration department. As a Houston native, Ali's favorite basketball team is, of course, the Houston Rockets. She loves coming to work each day and building strong relationships with her clients.

"Winners don't wait for chances, they take them." -Unknown

Joshua Bloom
Client Advisor
(833) 231-6581

Joshua Bloom, Client Advisor, was born and raised in and around New York City. He moved to North Carolina with his family and enjoys boar hunting and fishing with his Plott Hound. Joshua also enjoys traveling and experiencing diverse cultures that may help him further relate to his clients. Joshua wants all of his clients to know that he thinks it's important to learn something new every day and that he is always willing to listen to his client's specific needs.

Michael Bokar
Client Advisor
(855) 369-1600

Michael Georges
Client Advisor
(833) 846-8550

Michael Georges, Client Advisor, is originally from Massachusetts and moved to the Triangle area in 2015. When Michael isn't working, he enjoys playing golf and reading. Some of Michael's goals are to continue being the best husband, father, and grandfather he can be. Michael wants all his clients to know that his age makes him one of the wisest and most experienced advisors on the team.

Ed Hagen
Portfolio Manager
(833) 280-6233

Ed Hagen, Portfolio Manager, is originally from Wisconsin and moved to the area in 1998. In his free time, you can find Ed playing golf and poker. Ed is an enthusiastic part of the Hendrick team; he absolutely loves coming to work and helping clients in any way he can.

"I can and I will." -Unknown

William McDuffie
Client Advisor
(833) 280-6237

William McDuffie, Client Advisor, was born and raised in Cary, NC. When William isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his family and traveling. In the future, William hopes to be the best Client Advisor possible and obtain a higher position within the Hendrick organization. William's internal drive and work ethic come to life as he helps each of his clients find their perfect vehicle.

Jonathan Monterrosa
Client Advisor
(844) 400-2008

Jonathan Monterrosa, Client Advisor, was born and raised in Durham, NC and has always had a passion for BMW. Before joining the Hendrick team, Jonathan did some IT work but always dreamed about working for the BMW brand. As a kid, he watched videos online of BMWs to learn about them, which is where he discovered his dream BMW, the E60 M5. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and drinking cold brew at local cafés.

Mo Morsy
Client Advisor
(844) 400-2007

Ben Paulakonis
Loyalty Xchange Program Manager
(833) 288-6659

Ben Paulakonis, Loyalty Xchange Program Manager, is originally from Ohio but grew up in Chapel Hill, NC. He has been part of the automotive industry for 12 years now, but prior to that, spent many years as a chef. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time on the family farm in western North Carolina, fishing, and cooking. His goal is to help every client feel like family and have a stress-free experience.  

Shahab Sheibani
Client Advisor
(833) 856-5682

Angel Marean
Variable Operations Assistant
(833) 886-3894

Angel Marean, Variable Operations Assistant, is originally from Clover, VA and moved to the Triangle area in 2006. In her free time, Angel enjoys kickboxing and taking other self-defense classes with her children. One thing most people don't know about Angel is that she is a registered Notary. Angel wants all clients of BMW of Southpoint to know that she is willing and able to assist any customer with anything that they may need help with. 

Drew Levat
Accessories & Customization Specialist
(833) 856-5683

Drew Levat, Accessories & Customization Specialist, is originally from New Jersey but has called the Triangle home since November 2017. As a graduate of Universal Technical Institute with a degree in Automotive Technology, Drew spent many years as a mechanic and a client advisor before finding his role at BMW of Southpoint. He is glad to have the opportunity to share his passion for accessorizing and customizing vehicles! He is happy to be a Durham resident and looks forward to growing his career in the Hendrick Automotive Group. Outside of work, he enjoys fishing, driving his car, and visiting Long Beach Island, NJ, with his family each summer.


BMW Genius

Harvey McSwain II
BMW Genius
(833) 613-1183

Kip Vaughan
BMW Genius
(844) 391-8500



Brooks Bateson
Service Advisor
(833) 262-4325

Kenneth Butron
Service Advisor
(833) 524-2007

Jeffery Clark
Service Advisor
(833) 394-8576

Jeffery Clark, Service Advisor, is originally from Toledo, Ohio, and moved to the Triangle in 2005 with his wife and two children. His favorite pastimes include spending time with friends, hiking and woodworking. In the short term, he looks to assist his daughter with her college education. Over time, he hopes to grow within the Hendrick Automotive Group and help others move up too. What sets Jeffrey apart is his desire to help others grow and realize their potential.

Malcolm Fields
Service Advisor
(833) 287-7351

Josh Randle
Service Advisor
(833) 524-2006

Anthony Scott
Service Advisor
(833) 847-6790

Clay Watson
Warranty Administrator
(984) 287-5451

Clay Watson, Warranty Administrator, is originally from Morehead City, NC and has lived in Henderson, NC most of his life. When Clay isn't working, he enjoys hiking, playing basketball, and working out. Some goals Clay has for the future are to work for as long as he can, then travel and spend time with his kids and grandkids. Clay also hopes to get more involved at his church once he retires. Clay wants all of his clients to know that BMW of Southpoint has a great staff and that he truly enjoys coming to work. 

Joyce Powell
Loaner Coordinator
(833) 699-3843

Joyce Powell, Service Loaner Coordinator, is originally from Halifax County, NC, but spent many years overseas as a child with a parent in the military. Joyce loves to fish, sing, cook, travel, and spend time with her three children. She works hard every day to gain experience and exhibit superior customer service to her clients, and hopes someday to be promoted within the Hendrick Automotive Group.

"Good, better, best. Never rest until your good is better and your better is best." -St. Jerome

Laura Elam
Loaner Coordinator
(833) 888-0972

Laura Elam, Loaner Coordinator, moved here many years ago from Vineland, New Jersey. She was looking for a change of scenery and wanted to be closer to her brother and sister-in-law. Laura's past times include working out, writing letters, poems, and short stories. She also loves to cook and host small parties around the holidays. Some of her goals are to be a positive influence in every aspect of her life and the lives around her, as well as, challenge herself daily to BE better and DO better.

"It won't work until you do." -Maya Angelou

Guilford Archie III



Keith Alger
Assistant Parts Manager
(833) 288-9055

Keith Alger, Assistant Parts Manager, is originally from Binghamton, New York and moved to the Triangle area in 2008. In his free time, Keith enjoys hiking, camping, and football. Keith wants his clients to know that he is full of energy and enthusiastic to make things happen for his customers and coworkers. His goal is to continue to grow with the Hendrick Automotive Group into greater leadership roles.  

Dick Bergman
Parts Consultant
(833) 288-9052

Dick Bergman, Parts Consultant, is originally from Duluth, MA and moved to the Triangle area in 1999. In his free time, Dick enjoys house remodeling and automotive repair. Some goals Dick hopes to accomplish in the future are to make it to retirement and continue exceeding his clients' expectations in the meantime. 

Chuck Daniels
Parts Consultant
(833) 288-9050

Chuck Daniels, Parts Consultant, is from Hillsborough, NC. When Chuck isn't working, he enjoys fishing, riding his golf cart at the lake, and taking care of his dogs. Some of his goals for his future at Hendrick Automotive Group are working with his team to build their business and, eventually, retire and enjoy life. Chuck wants his clients to know that in the workplace he does his best to stay positive, no matter what kind of challenge he faces.  

Silas Evans
Parts Consultant
(833) 411-5673

Silas Evans, Parts Consultant, is originally from Eastern, NC and moved to the Triangle area in 2003. Silas's favorite past times are traveling, trying new restaurants, and spending time with family. In the future, Silas hope to continue to grow within the Hendrick Automotive Group. He also wants all of his clients to know that he is always willing to go above and beyond in order to create desired results for his customers.  

Antonio Hedgepeth
Parts Consultant
(833) 288-9051

Leon Lea
Parts Consultant
(833) 288-9056

Leon Lea, Parts Consultant, is originally from North Carolina. His favorite past times are spending time with his family, riding his motorcycle, and learning something new. Leon hopes to do some traveling in the future, as well as see his child graduate from college. Leon is always happy to help any customer in any way and you can count on him to do what is best for you in the long run.  

JD Ross
Parts Consultant
(833) 288-9054

JD Ross, Parts Advisor, is from Greensboro, NC, where he still lives. In his free time, JD enjoys golf, football, anything automotive related, computers, and A/V tech. Some goals of JD's for the future are to LS Swap his Volvo and other things he owns. JD wants his clients to know that when he comes to work, no matter what, he is always in a good mood. 


Guest Services

Paula McMaster
Guest Services Representative