Build Your Custom BMW
In addition to our wide variety of in-stock BMWs to choose from, BMW of Southpoint is proud to offer custom BMWs, built to order with the assistance of our Client Advisors. The Ultimate Driving Machine is not simply a mode of transportation, it is an expression of power and luxury. Make your own statement by choosing your unique combination of features and options to suit your driving style. Step into our Personalization and Design Center and discover the impressive range of exterior colors, interior fabrics and trim options available to put your personal stamp on your new BMW. Our Client Advisors are here to assist you in building your next BMW from the ground up - schedule your VIP appointment today online or by calling 919-895-3313.

Personalize Your BMW
Visit our Personalization and Design Center and discover the thrill of tailoring your BMW to your preferences with a variety of accessories including sport rims, roof rack systems, and tech essentials. Complete your BMW Lifestyle with licensed BMW apparel and other accessories available at our Boutique!


Wheel Upgrades

We offer a large selection of luxury and sport options ranging from BMW OEM Wheel Sets to M-Performance Wheel & Tire Packages. Every option is BMW approved to match your specific vehicle and tailored to enhance the look and performance, all at competitive pricing.

Love your current wheels but want a refreshed finish? We offer Powder Coating, ICE Coating & Ceramic Coating Finishes!

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Enjoy spirited driving with a piece of mind! A radar and laser solution as elegant as your automobile, with undetectable instillation. 360° of speeding ticket protection paired with the most sophisticated anti-laser technology ever designed and backed by the world’s best guarantee from the industry leader.

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Paint Protection Film

Llumar Platinum Film with Hydrogard technology is a virtually invisible, highly-durable, self-healing paint protection film that protects your car from damage caused by everyday driving. Maintain the original finish and shield the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle’s finish against chips and scratches from small stones, road debris, salt and sand all year long. Apply PPF now and keep your car looking newer longer!

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Ceramic Coating

Shield Pro Diamond is a Nano-Ceramic coating with true 10H hardness, providing incredible protection against your daily driven elements. This technology will chemically bond with your paint, forming an extremely durable crystal clear hard ceramic finish, or what we like to call a “Glass Shield”. Glossy, slick and self-cleaning, watch the dirt slide off! Shield's technology is able to fill the smallest pores allowing us to apply the coating on many areas of your vehicle including your paint, trim, wheels, brake calipers, glass, full interior and more! Ceramic Coat now and never wax your car again!

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Making M-Performance enhancements to the aerodynamics, chassis, cockpit or drivetrain means making a decision to own the road. Whether you make major additions to your vehicle or adorn it with a few sporty details – you’ll have the ultimate driving experience in the Ultimate Driving Machine!

“M” The Most Powerful Letter in the World!

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