No Payments for 90 Days

BMW Financial Services is pleased to announce the launch of a special 90 Days to First Payment program for New and Used BMW vehicles effective March 1, 2019. In these challenging and uncertain times we are all facing, BMW FS is committed to offering financing that meets our customers’ needs.

This 90 Days to First Payment offer is only eligible on New BMW Retail contracts up to 72 months and Used BMW Retail contracts up to 60 months, and only available on Elite credit tier and above.


Customers may choose their first payment to be 90 days from contract signing.
Customer must be in Super Elite or Elite Credit Tier.
Not available to customers contracting or garaging in Pennsylvania or Maine.
Customers must take delivery and be contracted by June 30, 2020.
BMW New Retail contracts up to 72 months.
Used BMW Retail contracts up to 60 months.
Offer not available on Select, Owners Choice, Lease and PrePay contracts.
Due to state regulations in Pennsylvania and Maine, the first payment must be calculated no more than 30 days from contract signing.
Can be used in conjunction with Regional or Sales Support programs.
All standard credit guidelines apply.
Interest will accrue during the 90 day period.