Value Your Trade in Durham, NC

Discover Your Car’s Trade-In Value Online

Is your daily commute from Raleigh to Cary feeling stale? Are you ready to reinvigorate your time behind the wheel with a luxurious new or CPO BMW? Before you visit BMW of Southpoint to explore our inventory, you can discover your car’s trade-in value online! Find out how much your vehicle may be worth to help you out as you budget for your upgrade. With our Xchange Program on your side, trading in and trading up is easy! 

How to Trade in Your Car

Once you value your trade and discover how much your vehicle is currently worth, the next steps are simple! 

  • If you haven’t already, take a moment to review our inventory so you can find the vehicle you would like to upgrade to. 
  • Your car’s trade-in value may not cover the full cost of your upgrade; we provide flexible financing options to help cover the remaining value. 
  • Are you currently leasing a vehicle, or do you still owe money on your financed car? There are workable solutions to upgrade your vehicle today. Just ask for the BMW of Southpoint Xchange Team and we can provide everything you need to know about trading in with remaining payments. 
  • Visit us with your vehicle! After you value your trade online, all that’s left to do is bring your vehicle to our dealership for an official appraisal. After we appraise and inspect your vehicle, we’ll make an official offer. If you want to accept the offer, you can either apply it toward the down payment on your next purchase or simply take the cash and head back home to Chapel Hill!

When you bring your car to our dealership, be sure to bring both sets of keys, the car title, the loan payoff/lien release documents if applicable, registration, and your driver’s license. 

Benefits of Trading in at the Dealership

Why trade in your car at BMW of Southpoint? Selling to a dealership is one of the simplest ways to walk away from your current car. You can visit the dealership, have your car appraised, and head home in a new vehicle all in the same day! And, you can have confidence that the transaction is carried out with total accuracy when it comes to the title transfer—a common point of apprehension when selling a vehicle privately. 

Contact Us with Questions

Need some help understanding your car’s trade-in value or finding the right fit for your replacement vehicle? Contact us or visit our dealership and ask for the Xchange Team! Our friendly associates are standing by to assist you.