Should I Buy or Lease a BMW?

At BMW of Southpoint, we want to make your car-buying journey as easy as possible. We know you’ve been dreaming about that luxurious new BMW, and we want to see you get behind the wheel of the car of your dreams as easily and painlessly as possible.

One way we accomplish that is with the expert services we provide here in our Durham BMW dealership. Take our professional financing advice, for example. The friendly professionals in our finance department are ready to help you with all of your auto financing questions. We work with multiple banks and financial institutions throughout the area to get you the best price for your budget, and we answer all of your questions along the way.

If you’ve come to a fork in the road between purchasing a new BMW or leasing one, read on. Let us break down the differences between leasing vs. buying to help you reach a confident decision regarding the decision “should I buy or lease?”

Lease vs. Buying: Benefits of Buying

  • When you finance your new car purchase, you’re working toward total ownership with each payment you make. Once you reach the end of your payment schedule, the car is fully yours! With the freedom of ownership, you can sell the car or trade it in any time you see fit, or enjoy driving it in Raleigh for many more years to come! The choice is yours.
  • Ownership also means you can customize your car to your heart’s content. From new floor mats and roof racks to license plate frames, when you buy the car you can do whatever you want to it.
  • There are no mileage limits when financing. You can travel as much or as little as you want and you won’t have to worry about lingering fees brought on by excess miles on the odometer.

The Bottom Line: Buying a vehicle is a good option for Cary shoppers who like to drive the same vehicle for 3+ years. If you have a high-mileage commute or your ultimate goal is to own your car, buying is an advantageous option! And, BMW of Southpoint has a parts center you can visit if you want to take full advantage of car ownership by customizing your BMW with genuine parts and accessories.

Lease vs. Buying: Benefits of Leasing

  • Often, leasing a vehicle rewards drivers with lower monthly payments! You might even be able to stretch your budget farther on upper-level trims.
  • When you lease, service and maintenance appointments are stress-free thanks to warranty coverage. Provided that your lease term doesn’t extend beyond the warranty period, routine services should be covered at little to no cost.
  • Leasing doesn’t afford you the same freedom of customizability. However, because the average lease term is 2 or 3 years total, you can upgrade to a new model more often! You can try out different models and trims to find what you like best before investing in financing a car.
  • Leasing is very flexible. When your lease term ends, you’ll simply return it to the dealership. At that point, you can negotiate a lease buyout or trade it in to start a new lease right away.

The Bottom Line: Leasing is an affordable way to drive a brand-new vehicle every couple of years if you enjoy having all the latest features for trips to Chapel Hill. One thing to keep in mind is mileage limits. All lease contracts will include a mileage limit that, if exceeded, will incur a fee at the end of the lease. If your daily commute racks up lots of miles, buying your vehicle may be better. If you mostly drive around town every day, leasing could be a viable option!

Lease vs. Buying at BMW of Southpoint

To learn more about our financing services, or if you have additional questions about buying vs. leasing, visit us at your convenience Monday through Saturday at 225 Kentington Drive in Durham, NC. Whether you choose to buy or lease, you can drive home in a new BMW for less when you take advantage of our ongoing offers and incentives!

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