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Car Payment Payoff Calculator

If you’re preparing to bring a new vehicle home to Raleigh, you likely have at least a rough idea of what type of vehicle you want and how much you can spend. The more defined your driving expectations and your monthly budget are, the easier it will be to get paired with a new or used vehicle that checks every box on your list. That’s where our online car finance calculator comes into play. After browsing our new BMW inventory or our pre-owned selection, you can use our BMW car payment calculator to see how the price of your desired vehicle breaks down into monthly payments. 

How to Use the Car Finance Calculator

You’ll find our BMW car payment calculator to be very straightforward, requiring just some basic information such as your down payment amount and the interest rate you’ve qualified for to estimate your monthly amount. 

  • Vehicle Price: Enter the listing price of your preferred vehicle in our inventory. If you haven’t selected one yet, you can use the MSRP listed on the manufacturer’s website — just make sure you use the correct MSRP for the trim level you want. 
  • Interest Rate: If you’ve already been approved, enter the interest rate you qualified for. If you’re unsure, you can research new or used vehicle interest rates for your credit score, or apply for pre-approval to get an estimate. 
  • Loan Term: Over how long would you like to pay off your car? The most common loan term is 72 months, but we can work with you to choose the best term for your financial goals. 
  • Down Payment: Enter the amount you plan to put down when you acquire your vehicle. Trading in your current car can help you make a larger down payment if you’re hoping to lower your total amount owed. 
  • Trade-In Value: Do you have a car you plan to sell at the dealership? Value your trade, then enter the estimated value in this field. If you don’t have a trade-in, you can simply leave this blank.

After you fill out all of these fields, just click “calculate payments” to get your estimated monthly amount! You can continue to edit the different fields on the car finance calculator if you need to see what it’ll take to reach a lower payment. 

Contact Us With Questions

If you have questions about using our BMW car payment calculator or you’d like professional budgeting assistance, BMW of Southpoint is here for you. Make the short trip from Cary to visit our finance center in person, or contact us and we’ll be happy to provide more information.