How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

Depending on how many years and miles you’ve been driving your current vehicle in Raleigh, you may be wondering, how long do car brakes last? The answer can vary quite a bit, but the average driver tends to get about 25,000 – 65,000 miles from their brakes. Factors like driving habits, road conditions, and the type of brake pads on your car can all affect how long your brakes will last. Learn more about the lifespan of your car brakes with the BMW of Southpoint service pros, below! If you need new brake pads for your BMW, our parts department can help.

How Many Miles Do Brakes Last?

25,000 – 65,000 miles is a pretty large interval, and if you can believe it, some brake pads might even last as long as 80,000 miles! The reason these intervals are so wide is that it can actually be pretty difficult to pinpoint exactly how many miles any one car’s brakes will last on Cary roads. The best place to start is the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, where you should find intervals for brake pad inspection and brake pad replacement.

Additionally, you can always check with a certified service center like the one here at BMW of Southpoint. Our experienced technicians have seen it all, and we’ll be happy to help you estimate how long your brakes will last based on torque calculations, performance specs, and other factors. Fill out a contact form to start a conversation today.

What Are the Affecting Factors On Brake Pad Life Expectancy?

Things like tire rotation and oil change frequency can vary between drivers based on how and where they drive, and the answer to “how many miles do brakes last?” is no different. Here are just a few of the factors that can affect your brake pads’ lifespan:

  • Driving Habits: If you have a habit of slamming on your brakes at the last possible moment, it’s doing a number on them. To preserve your brakes, it’s best practice to coast to a stop and press the brake pedal softly.
  • Driving Conditions: If you spend most of your road time in Chapel Hill traffic, the increased braking will wear your brakes out faster. Conversely, highway driving is easier on your brakes because there are fewer intersections and traffic lights to stop for.
  • Brake Pad Material: The type of brake pads you have can also affect how long they last. Carbon-ceramic pads are a little pricier but they usually last longer.

Is Your Car Shaking When You Brake?

Have you noticed your car shaking when you hit the brakes? If so, you should schedule a service appointment without delay. Often, this is caused by an underlying issue with the brake system. If it’s not the brakes, other issues that could cause shaking include:

  • One of your tires has become misshapen and isn’t perfectly round
  • Your wheels are unbalanced
  • Your car’s front-end alignment is askew
  • There’s a loose control arm or damaged steering knuckle
  • The axle shaft has been compromised
  • Loose or missing lug nuts

No matter what’s causing your car to shake when braking, you’ll want to bring it in for service immediately. BMW of Southpoint can get you safely back on the road in no time!

Get Trusted Brake Service at BMW of Southpoint

Do you have additional questions related to “how long do car brakes last?” Review our service tips for more maintenance advice you can trust. If you need to bring your vehicle in for brake service, take a moment to review our ongoing service specials so you can keep your car’s maintenance budget-friendly!

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