What Does TPMS Mean?

If you’re like many Raleigh drivers, you may be wondering, “What does TPMS mean?” TPMS is an acronym for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This system uses sensors to track the air pressure within each tire. When the pressure drops too low, the TPMS will notify you; you’ll see the warning light illuminated on the dash. New BMW vehicles have a TPMS, making it easy for drivers to travel in confidence and keep their tires in the best shape possible. Read on to learn more about TPMS, how it works, and why it matters!

Why is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Important?

Again, the main function of a tire pressure monitoring system is to monitor the pressure inside of your BMW’s tires. When the air pressure is 25% below the recommended level, the icon on your dashboard will illuminate in orange or yellow. The icon itself is an exclamation point inside of a cut-away tire. So, what does it mean when your car’s tire pressure is below the recommended level? Short answer: nothing good. You’ll likely notice the following issues:

  • Poor traction
  • Reduced load-carrying capability
  • Flat tire or blowout
  • Reduced fuel economy

Proper tire inflation gives your tires greater stopping power, and could help prevent a potential accident. In the long run, keeping your tires properly inflated will help lengthen their lifespans and give you the best fuel economy possible. The TPMS is essential in helping you keep your tires in the best condition for longer.

What’s the Benefit of Proper Tire Inflation?

Your tires can also be overinflated. Whether your tires are inflated insufficiently or too much, you could face a number of problems. However, when air pressure is right where it should be, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Reduced tread movement, which gives the tire extended life.
  • Reduced rolling resistance, which increases the vehicle’s fuel-efficiency.
  • Increased water dispersion to prevent the likelihood of hydroplaning.

Are you wondering the proper air pressure is for your vehicle? Review your owner’s manual or consult one of service technicians for more information. If the air pressure in your tires is off, there are a few ways to correct it quickly:

  • You can often find separate tire air fill-up areas at gas stations.
  • Our service center will gladly adjust the air in your tires!
  • In a pinch, you can even use a bicycle air pump to top off the air in your tires.

Keep Your Car’s Tires in the Best Shape with BMW of Southpoint

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What does TPMS mean,” it’s time to answer another question: Is your tire air pressure where it should be? If not, our service technicians are here to help! Contact our service center today with questions about your tires, or browse our service specials for opportunities to save on your next tire service!

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