Your Guide to BMW Warning Lights & Their Meanings

If you accidentally miss a maintenance interval for your BMW vehicle, one of the BMW warning lights may illuminate on your dashboard to remind you that it’s time to visit an authorized service center. By familiarizing yourself with the BMW dash warning lights and what they all mean, you can become a more confident car owner and avoid stress when you see a new symbol pop up. Join BMW of Southpoint in the guide below to get acquainted with all of the BMW dashboard warning lights.

BMW Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

Whether new or pre-owned, your BMW vehicle is equipped with numerous advanced systems that lend themselves to an elevated driving experience in Raleigh. Occasionally, these systems require maintenance, which you’ll be alerted to via the BMW warning light symbols. Some of the warning lights indicate a need for immediate action, while others are general reminders that you should schedule service soon.

Empty or Low Fuel

When you see this BMW warning light, know that you have approximately 30 miles until you run out of fuel completely in Cary. It’s best to stop at the nearest station rather than riding it out in search of the best gas prices, as driving on low fuel for too long isn’t the best for your fuel system.

Tire Pressure Monitor

When the TPM light illuminates, one or more of your tires has fallen below the recommended tire pressure. A yellow light indicates that the tire pressure has fallen by 10%. A red light indicates that the tire is deflating at a rapid pace.

Oil Can

This BMW dash warning light is a reminder that your vehicle is in need of an oil change. Don’t delay this essential maintenance, as driving with low oil or dirty oil can cause costly damage to your engine.

Light Bulb

If you see the light bulb symbol on your dashboard, one or more of your exterior lights is either malfunctioning or have gone out completely. If you change the bulb and the light remains illuminated, you may want to visit a service center for further inspection.


This is one of the most important BMW warning light symbols, as it means that your engine temperature is climbing higher than normal and could be on the verge of overheating. If possible, you should head straight to an authorized service center to have your vehicle inspected. If there isn’t a BMW service center nearby, pull over in a safe spot and allow your engine to cool down completely before proceeding any further. Schedule a visit to a service center without delay.

Engine Light

Are you seeing the engine light flashing or staying on? In either case, you should take your vehicle in for immediate service, as this is an indicator that your engine or one of its components is experiencing a problem.

Dynamic Stability Control

This is one BMW warning light symbol that you don’t need to fret about. It’s simply alerting you that your vehicle’s traction control system has engaged. If you’d like to learn more about this light, you can find helpful information in your owner’s manual.

Service Vehicle

When the Service Vehicle light is yellow, it indicates that your BMW should be brought in for service soon. If your mileage surpasses the recommended service interval, the Service Vehicle light will turn from yellow to red to indicate as such.

Visit Our BMW Service Center in Durham

Now that you’re familiar with the various BMW warning lights meanings, you’ll know how to react when you see them pop up on your dash. If you’re searching for trusted BMW service near Chapel Hill, you can schedule service with BMW of Southpoint! As an authorized BMW service center, our technicians are factory-trained and certified to work on your luxury vehicle. What’s more, we offer ongoing service specials to keep your maintenance budget-friendly!

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