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What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Oil?

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You lead a busy life in Raleigh, and you rely on your vehicle to get you from point A to point B every day. The last thing you need is a setback like engine failure, which is why it’s so important to stay up-to-date on routine engine maintenance, including oil changes. When your schedule is full enough as it is, it can be tempting to delay an oil change for a week or two. We’ve all been there, but a couple of weeks can quickly turn into a couple of months, and there are some compelling reasons not to delay an oil change when your vehicle needs one.



What happens if you don’t change your oil on time? Read on to learn more about the importance of clean motor oil with the service professionals at BMW of Southpoint.

How Does Motor Oil Help Your Engine?

Your vehicle’s engine has a lot of moving parts, and those moving parts need motor oil to stay lubricated. But acting as an effective lubricant is only one role that motor oil plays in your vehicle—here’s a closer look at all of the vital roles filled by motor oil:

  • With its lubricating properties, motor oil prevents excess wear and tear on moving parts of the engine
  • Motor oil prevents sludge build-up in the engine
  • Motor oil also helps prevent varnish from forming on the engine’s internal surfaces
  • Finally, motor oil neutralizes the acids that can form from fuels, which improves piston ring seals and helps cool the engine

What happens if you don’t get your oil changed? For starters, there would be less regulation of the occurrences mentioned above. Over time, engine oil starts to break down and retain contaminants. This affects the oil’s ability to lubricate the engine’s moving parts, which leads to an increase in friction. As friction increases, so does the engine temperature. The hotter the engine temperature gets, the higher the risk of serious damage, warped components, and potentially overheating on the road in Cary.

When to Change Your Oil

Unsure of how often to change your oil? The good news is that most drivers in Chapel Hill no longer need to follow the old standard of every 3,000 miles. These days, the average driver can safely go between 7,500 to 10,000 miles between oil changes.

If you regularly drive long distances or use your vehicle for strenuous activities like towing or driving off-road, you may need an oil change a little sooner than most. You can always reference your owner’s manual for a more precise figure, and our own service advisors will be glad to help you create an oil change schedule tailored to your driving habits.

Schedule An Oil Change at BMW of Southpoint

You don’t have to discover what happens if you don’t get your oil changed through firsthand experience. Schedule a service visit with BMW of Southpoint to keep up with engine maintenance and oil service! Our service department is a premier location for BMW oil changes, but we can also service other makes and models at our state-of-the-art facility. To get a service quote or ask about oil change times, please contact us and our advisors will be happy to provide more information.


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